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Received Your Social Security COLA Letter in the Mail? Don’t Lose It

Social Security beneficiaries should keep their eye out for a certain letter coming in the mail this month.  The Social Security Administration is sending out letters throughout December with information on beneficiaries’ cost of living adjustment coming in January.  Don’t throw out the letter and don’t lose it. You may need it …

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EU Parliament scandal: The Morocco connection

Press play to listen to this article Voiced by artificial intelligence. In 2014, sheltering from the late July sun under a broad crimson umbrella, King Mohammed VI of Morocco awarded a raft of royal “wissam” decorations for services to the kingdom. For those tracking a snowballing corruption scandal in Brussels, …

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This Social Security Quote Is a Must-Read

(Dave Kovaleski) Starting in January, some 70 million Americans will see a welcome change in their Social Security payments as benefits will increase by more than they have in 41 years. Social Security benefits will increase by 8.7%, or about $146 per month, on average, to $1,827 per month, due …

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