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Latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research From CMU And Meta Demonstrates How Machine Learning’s Potential Can Be Leveraged To Identify Low Energy Adsorbate-Surface Configurations More Accurately And Efficiently

Over the last decade, computational catalysis has emerged as one of the most active research areas, and it is currently a vital tool for studying chemical processes and active sites. The requirement to precisely calculate the lowest binding energy (the adsorption energy) for an adsorbate and a catalyst surface of …

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John Carmack leaves Meta with a memo criticizing the company’s efficiency | Engadget

John Carmack, the virtual reality pioneer who joined Meta from Oculus after its $2 billion acquisition, has left the social network. Business Insider first reported his departure, citing people familiar with the company, and published pieces of his internal memo that contained sentiments critical of Meta and its augmented and …

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