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Artificial intelligence study determined a painting with mysterious origins is a likely a Raphael, researchers say

A painting with mysterious origins is likely a Raphael masterpiece, researchers from the U.K. said after using facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the portrait.  The Renaissance-era painting, named the de Brécy Tondo, has been studied extensively for more than 40 years. Researchers from the University of Nottingham …

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Russian space intelligence collapses due to sanctions – GUR

The Russian space intelligence system has been widely affected by international sanctions as domestic production of key elements has stopped without foreign-made electronics. That’s according to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense (GUR), Ukrinform reports. After Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Joint-Stock Company Academician Mykhailo Reshetnyov Information …

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Latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research From CMU And Meta Demonstrates How Machine Learning’s Potential Can Be Leveraged To Identify Low Energy Adsorbate-Surface Configurations More Accurately And Efficiently

Over the last decade, computational catalysis has emerged as one of the most active research areas, and it is currently a vital tool for studying chemical processes and active sites. The requirement to precisely calculate the lowest binding energy (the adsorption energy) for an adsorbate and a catalyst surface of …

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