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Artificial intelligence study determined a painting with mysterious origins is a likely a Raphael, researchers say

A painting with mysterious origins is likely a Raphael masterpiece, researchers from the U.K. said after using facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the portrait.  The Renaissance-era painting, named the de Brécy Tondo, has been studied extensively for more than 40 years. Researchers from the University of Nottingham …

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High On Life contains AI art and voice acting

High On Life creator Justin Roiland has revealed the game features AI-generated art and voice acting. The topic of AI generation has increasingly become a hot discussion, with arguments arising over its use and the implications it has ethically, artistically, and technologically. In an interview with Sky News, Roiland talked …

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Adobe Embraces AI Art, Can Get In The Bin

Adobe used to be known as the company that made Acrobat and PhotoShop. Adobe is increasingly becoming known, however, as one of the great digital grifters of the modern age. From its shonky subscription models to making people pay for certain colours in PhotoShop (which is also Pantone’s doing in …

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