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Adobe Embraces AI Art, Can Get In The Bin

Adobe used to be known as the company that made Acrobat and PhotoShop. Adobe is increasingly becoming known, however, as one of the great digital grifters of the modern age. From its shonky subscription models to making people pay for certain colours in PhotoShop (which is also Pantone’s doing in …

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How AI Can Automate Pick & Place Jobs

It is hard to deny that AI is already considered superior to humans in numerous ways; it is strong, fast, almost error-free, and does not require rest breaks. This superiority is especially important when work operations need to be reliably carried out on a continuous basis at a consistent quality …

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Zoho Desk – Redefining The Customer Experience With AI

Zoho Desk Zoho’s customer service software has been around since November 2016. More recently, the platform has achieved 45% year-over-year revenue growth for the past five years and serves more than 100K businesses globally. The stellar results come from Zoho’s passion for continually enhancing the platform and incorporating new technologies …

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