How to Reduce Office Energy Bills

How to Reduce Office Energy Bills

In 2022 energy prices increased by 8%, leaving companies with fewer funds to invest in their growth. Start-ups and small businesses take the worst hit, as they already have limited revenue. By ensuring proper protocols around the office, you can efficiently reduce energy bills and have more funds to spend on business projects. A few such protocols are mentioned below. 

1 – Reduce HVAC Use

The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system accounts for 40% of a building’s energy consumption. Decreasing the thermostat in winter can significantly reduce your energy bills. Instead of heating, correctly seal your windows and doors by installing weather strips and door sweeps to stop cold air. You can also install double-pane windows and hang insulated curtains. 

You can improve insulation in your walls by filling in holes in the structure and adding new insulation every 20 years. These measures will keep your office warm by preventing cold air from entering while reducing the burden on your heating system. 

You must also regularly clean the HVAC system’s filters so that debris does not accumulate, so the HVAC requires more energy for effective performance. In offices, ensure only the manager can control the HVAC settings. They can set an optimum temperature that is energy efficient and comfortable. They should also encourage employees to wear warm clothing inside the building and rely less on the heating. 

2 – Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy-efficient lighting, such as LEDs, is a great way to reduce energy bills. Not only do they use less energy, but they are brighter and last longer in comparison to traditional bulbs. You must optimize your office’s lighting plan. You can achieve maximum brightness in minimum lighting by efficiently placing light sources. 

Team leaders and managers should encourage employees to close extra lights and only use them per requirement. You can also install large windows and use blinds that allow maximum sunlight to enter your office. This measure will keep the office bright and warm. Ensure that whoever locks up the office double-checks to ensure no one leaves the lights on. Consider adding motion sensor lights in less frequented rooms such as washrooms and meeting rooms. They will automatically close when no one is present, reducing energy consumption. 

3 – Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are the best option if you have an energy-intensive business that can not afford to cut back on energy use but is struggling to pay the bills. Solar panels have a high initial cost, but they make up their expense in 8.7 years. After that, you can enjoy nominal accounts and increased energy use. A commercial solar installer can install solar panels within two to six months and only require maintenance twice a year. 

Utilize your building’s rooftop by adding solar panels. If your business is located in a building with multiple other offices, you can petition the landlord to add solar panels and pay the costs together. Solar panels help you save money and build customer loyalty, as environmentally conscious consumers prefer to purchase from companies that utilize sustainable methods like solar energy. 


Most of our energy supply comes from non-renewable resources like natural gas and oil. These resources are rapidly decreasing, and the increase in demand is causing energy prices to soar. For businesses, high energy prices mean a loss of profit. To ensure your profit margins don’t decrease, you must implement energy-saving tactics such as reducing HVAC use, utilizing energy-efficient lighting, and installing solar panels. The money you save from lower energy bills can be used in programs to grow your business. 

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