A Look at Tesla’s New Media Player, Nav, Fan and HomeLink Updates

A Look at Tesla’s New Media Player, Nav, Fan and HomeLink Updates

By Kevin Armstrong

Tesla has added a mini player to the Model 3 and Model Y

Tesla’s holiday update, which is update 2022.44.25.1, is jammed full of goodies, many of which require a second look. There are significant changes for Model 3 and Model Y owners. In addition, some features drivers use to operate daily, have changed location, size, and functionality.

Music Player

This one may take some getting used to. There is now a new mini-player that splits the music area into two sections. A smaller module for media controls is on the bottom left of the screen. This allows the most used buttons to be closer to the driver.

Users can swipe up on the mini media player to reveal sources, including Apple Music, Spotify, Bluetooth etc. Once a source is selected, the details open up on the right-hand side of the screen for users to select songs or playlists.

The mini media player also allows users to scroll to recent and favorites, settings, and a search function can also be found in this small, reconfigured player. The mini-player will automatically collapse after a few seconds if left expanded.

In addition, Tesla has reintroduced cards that can be found by swiping on the media player in the lower left corner. Cards allow you to view your odometer, trip meter and tire pressure. You can see the new UI cards in action which we took an in-depth look at earlier this week.

Having the Media Player in the Center

However, the media player can still be placed back at its previous location. If you prefer the media player closer to the center of the screen, on top of the song selection screen, you can minimize the mini player and the media controls will automatically appear back in the center.

If you’re viewing your tire pressure or odometer in the new UI cards, the media player will also jump back to the center area.

Navigation UI

Tesla has improved the layout of the navigation information

Tesla has redesigned the navigation user interface (UI) layout, which improves the placement of directions, such as the next turn and other available options. Tesla has split the nav UI into two pieces. At the top of the screen will be critical information about the route, including next-turn directions.

The rest of the information, previously found at the top of the screen, is moved to the bottom. These details include travel time, destination details, and options to alter or cancel your navigation.

Both of these modules can be expanded to show more information. For example, swiping down on the top module will reveal additional turns along your route, while swiping up on the bottom module, or tapping the three dots will bring up additional route options such as adding a stop or editing your navigation preferences.

Your current location/town has also been shifted slightly. It used to be placed at the bottom center of the screen, but it’s now been shifted slightly and is at the far corner of the display.

Fan Controls

You can now tap to change the fan speed and remain in Auto

When your climate system is set to Auto, Tesla now uses a ‘LO’, ‘MED’, and ‘HI’ fan speed, instead of the previous 1-10 scale. The slider is now gone and replaced with buttons to decrease or increase the fan speed.

Tesla will no longer automatically turn off the Auto climate when you adjust the fan intensity. Even when the fan speed is modified, the HVAC system will remain in Auto.

Manual Mode

You can still use fan speeds 1-10 in manual mode

If you turn off Auto on your climate system, you’ll still have granular access to the fan speed controls with the old 1-10 scale. You now also have the option to tap or use a slider to adjust the fan speed. A new slider will appear above the climate section, or you can tap the arrows to adjust the fan speed just like you do in Auto.


Tesla has made improvements to the HomeLink UI

Tesla has made improvements to HomeLink as well. When near your home location, the HomeLink icon will now display in the status bar at the top of the screen with an ‘Activate’ or ‘Cancel’ button.

The HomeLink dropdown will automatically disappear if you shift into reverse, but the option to activate your garage door will remain.

Furthermore, if you have auto-open or auto-close enabled, the status bar will now display the number of feet or meters before the garage door is opened or closed.

Video of UI Updates

There are many more additions and changes in the latest update, but these will impact the user the most. Tesla owners usually love to drive and are accustomed to seeing information displayed the same way in the exact location on the screen. So be sure to give yourself a little extra time to familiarize yourself with the new layout.

By Lennon Cihak

Tesla brings back UI cards in this year's Holiday Update

Tesla’s highly anticipated holiday update is reintroducing UI cards to the Model 3 and Model Y.

Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y contained widget-like cards in the lower-left corner of the screen that could be swiped to view certain information such as the vehicle’s trip meters and odometer, as well as tire pressure readings.

However, with Tesla’s UI redesign during last year’s holiday update, these cards were removed and integrated into the vehicle’s menus. It certainly makes sense to have this information in the menus as that’s where all of the other vehicle information is available, however, it was a step backward in terms of quick access to this information.

Version 2022.44.25.1, which is Tesla’s Holiday Update has started rolling out, features a wide breadth of added improvements, but one of the most wanted are the updated UI cards.

The information these cards provide is almost identical to the ones previously available, however, their design and layout have been updated.

Two informational cards provide quick access to the vehicle’s tire pressures and the vehicle’s odometer.

The tire pressure readings display a photo of the vehicle with the tire pressure reading displayed near each wheel. Previously tire pressure readings were only available while the vehicle was in motion, but thanks to a recent update, the vehicle will now display the last known tire pressure reading if the vehicle is parked.

The odometer and trips card will display the amount of energy used for each trip as well as the distance traveled. Like before, you’ll be able to view energy and distance traveled for the current drive, since last charged and for each trip meter.

Differences From Old Cards

There are two small changes here. The previous iteration of cards displayed the time your “Current Drive” started, and also displayed how many minutes you had been driving, which was a useful metric. However, now all trip meters display the same information, which is the distance traveled, kWh used and average Wh/mi.

The old cards also required you to scroll vertically to go through the various trip meters. However, Tesla has now designed it so that all trips are viewed together on a single card, which is a nice improvement.

Tesla brings back UI cards in this year's Holiday Update

However, the downside of this is that not all trip meters can be viewed at once, since there are five in total when counting the current drive, since last charge, Trip A, Trip B and the odometer. To fix this issue Tesla now lets you decide which trip meters should show up in the ‘Trips’ card.

By navigating to Controls > Trips, there is now a new checkbox under each trip, letting you choose whether that trip meter should show up in the card.

A nice addition is that you can now tap these cards to jump to the specific area in the vehicle’s menu. For example, tapping on one of the trip meters will take you to Controls > Trips.

Cards in Action

View Cabin Camera

With version 2022.44.25.1, owners will also be able to remotely view their internal camera when their vehicle is in Sentry Mode or Dog Mode. In the event of a break-in, owners will have footage of the bandit and be able send that footage to local authorities. This has been a highly requested feature for years now.

A Look at the Old Cards

By Lennon Cihak

Tesla has started its rollout of this year's Holiday Update

It’s the most wonderful time of year for Tesla owners around the world.

Tesla has started the wide rollout of its “holiday update,” with Apple Music integration, Steam, interior camera viewing while in Sentry or Dog Mode, MyQ, and much more.

Similar to Apple, every year Tesla releases a facelift update to overhaul its operating system and add a number of exciting features. These updates typically range from quirky light shows to helpful features like auto turn signals. It’s usually the most anticipated update Tesla releases every year.

The Austin-based automotive company took to Twitter this afternoon to announce the rollout has begun. It followed with a string of videos showcasing the new additions in the update.

“Holiday Update rolling out now,” writes Tesla.

Below are a couple of the biggest features in Tesla’s Holiday Update.

Apple Music

Tesla has started its rollout of this year's Holiday Update

One of the most highly requested additions to Tesla’s software is Apple Music. Prior to this addition, Slacker, Spotify, TIDAL, TuneIn, and SiriusXM were the only music streaming services. If you wanted to use another service you’d have to connect your phone via Bluetooth and stream that way. Spotify and TIDAL are big competitors of Apple Music, but Apple’s streaming service boasts a catalog of 100 million songs and industry-leading audio quality.

The addition of Apple Music into Tesla’s vehicles could mean that Dolby Atmos support is just around the corner, as reported by BGR.

Apple Music is available in most markets, although there are some exclusions such as Israel and UAE.

View Cabin Camera

When Dog Mode or Sentry Mode is enabled, you’ll now be able to view the live video feed of the cabin camera through your Tesla app.

When either of these modes is enabled, you’ll see a button to view live video in the app. Keep in mind that when remote viewing is enabled, Tesla will display a message on the center display letting users know that the camera in the vehicle is being actively used.


Tesla has started its rollout of this year's Holiday Update

Although currently in Beta, Tesla has been teasing the Steam integration since early 2022. The bulking up of gaming in Tesla’s vehicles is one Musk has said is important due to Full Self-Driving becoming more of a reality. The Steam integration is only available on newer refreshed Model S and Model X vehicles, as they have the compute power to play the games smoothly.

We’re hopeful that Tesla will continue to improve its software and hardware so that other MCU3 vehicles such as the Model 3 and Model Y can play Steam games in the future.

Steam currently requires the powerful GPU that’s available in these vehicles. This GPU is only available on the Model S and Model X and is not included in the MCU3-equipped versions of the Model 3 and Model Y.

Steam also currently requires 16GB of ram, which means that earlier 2021 versions of the Model S and Model X vehicles are excluded for now. It’s possible that Tesla is rolling this out in stages and will reduce the requirements for Steam in later revisions, however, the game catalog could be reduced as well.

“Entertainment will be critical when cars drive themselves,” Musk said on Twitter in December 2020.

Bluetooth Controller Support

Tesla has started its rollout of this year's Holiday Update

In order to go along with Tesla’s Steam integration, Tesla is also supporting Bluetooth controllers with this update, however, it is also limited to new Model S and Model X. It’d make sense for this feature to eventually roll out to other vehicles, but it’s not clear whether it’s coupled with the Steam client.

Media Controls

The media controls are now closer to the driver for easier access. Users can now swipe up to access “Recents & Favorites” and “Sources.” Swiping left or right will also access trips and tire pressure information. We covered the updated UI cards at length if you’d like to see what they look like and how they function.

Climate Control Fan Speed

In this update, Tesla has removed the scroll bar to set the fan speed. The new speeds are low, medium, and high. This is a welcomed improvement, as the 1-10 sliding scale wasn’t entirely intuitive or easy to use.

MyQ Integration

Tesla has started its rollout of this year's Holiday Update

MyQ is a branded technology that enables users to control supported garage doors, gates and lights over WiFi. Until now, users could only control MyQ devices from their smartphones, but Tesla is adding support to their vehicles. Tesla will let users open and close MyQ-supported garage doors in a similar way to how HomeLink works.

HomeLink is included with the Model S and Model X, but it’s a $350 USD add-on for the Model 3 and Y.

However, MyQ integration does not appear to be free. MyQ charges $179 for a 5-year subscription for vehicle use. You also need a smart garage door opener. Most openers can be made smart by adding a MyQ device available at various retailers for approximately $20.

Auto Turn Signals

Your vehicle’s turn signals will now turn off once the driver has completed a lane change, fork, or merge. This feature is available worldwide to Model 3 and Model Y vehicles with hardware 3. To turn it on, tap Controls > Lights > Auto Turn Signals.

Scheduled Light Show

Last year Tesla added a fun “dancing” light show to all vehicles. 2022’s update enhances these features. With this year’s update owners will be able to schedule a light show for up to 10 minutes in advance or watch a multi-car orchestra by setting them to start at the same time. Tesla has also included a new song and light show included with this update.

This is Tesla’s biggest update of the year, so look out for version 2022.44.25.1 in your Tesla app to enjoy these great new features. Tesla is rolling it out slowly and we believe everyone will receive it in the next couple of weeks.

There’s a lot packed into this update, including big and small features. You can read about all the features by viewing the release notes for the Holiday Update.

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