New AI Has Some Educators Concerned About Students Cheating – 9 & 10 News

New AI Has Some Educators Concerned About Students Cheating – 9 & 10 News

New artificial intelligence technology has some educators concerned about students cheating.

ChatgptThe new language processing AI called ChatGPT can answer nearly any question it’s asked. The AI takes the question and creates it’s own, accurate response. It can write essays, book reports and even write songs.

The new AI is grabbing people’s attention across the country and raising concerns with local educators. Kalkaska Public Schools’ Superintendent, Rick Heitmeyer, says the new tech could be taken advantage of by students attempting to cheat.

“There will be people who push the limits as they can with this new technology. Hopefully we’ll know that and be able to guide them differently,” Heitmeyer states.

While ChatGPT can write essays and book reports, Heitmeyer says he’s confident teachers will be able to spot any plagiarism.

“My belief is that a lot of our teachers know our kids pretty well. If something gets turned in that doesn’t look like their work, they’re going to know,” Heitmeyer claims.

He compared ChatGPT and people’s concerns to when the internet was first implemented in the classroom. He says just like the internet ChatGPT could be used more as a tool and less of a way to cheat.

“I couldn’t tell you how many different concerns we’ve had over the years about different apps that kids have on their pone. We try to work through all those, but some things that come about are actually really useful and help kids learn. So, we’ve got to look for the good even when there’s a little fear,” Heitmeyer says.

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