3 Ways to Save More at Target in 2023

3 Ways to Save More at Target in 2023

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You can eke out added savings with these easy-to-follow tips.

Key points

  • You may plan on doing a lot of Target shopping in the new year.
  • These tips could help you enjoy added savings on your essentials and impulse buys alike.

As much as many consumers love Target, the big-box giant has a tendency to be a real budget buster. In fact, it’s common to fall victim to impulse shopping when you spend enough time walking around Target because the store is loaded with fun products and great deals that can tempt even the pickiest of consumers.

But while you may have to resign yourself to at least the occasional impulse purchase at Target, that doesn’t mean you can’t save more money in the course of doing your shopping there. And if you plan to do your share of shopping at Target in 2023, here are some steps worth taking to help you eke out savings.

1. Sign up for a Target RedCard account

The Target RedCard comes in two options — a credit card and a debit card that’s linked to your checking account. No matter which one you opt for, when you swipe your Target RedCard, you’ll enjoy a very impressive 5% back on your in-store or online Target purchases.

Now you may have another credit card that gives you cash back on everyday purchases — but chances are, you’re not getting 5% back. So if you do a lot of shopping at Target, putting in an application for a Target RedCard could be a really savvy move.

2. Join Target Circle

Target Circle is Target’s loyalty program. If you don’t want a Target RedCard, you can still earn 1% back on your Target purchases by joining Target Circle. You can then redeem that cash back at future checkouts. And there’s no minimum required to redeem it. You can knock $0.40 off of your purchase if that’s all you have in Target Circle rewards.

3. Ask for price adjustments

Target prides itself on offering competitive prices on the items it sells. And so if you buy something at Target, the simple act of tracking its price for a couple of weeks afterward could help you enjoy added savings.

Not only will Target give you the difference if it lowers the price on something you bought there, but it will even match its competitors’ prices on many items within a 14-day time frame. So let’s say you buy a toy at Target for $30 on Jan. 15. If you see it on sale at Target on Jan. 20 for $25, all you need to do is show your receipt and ask for a price match, and Target will give you the $5 difference. And if a competitor has it listed for $25 at that same time, chances are, you’ll get your $5 back in that scenario, too.

Just keep in mind that you have to request a price match from Target. Target won’t automatically refund you if it lowers the price on something you bought.

Shopping at Target can be a fun experience — and a convenient one, since you can buy everything from groceries to apparel to personal care products under the same roof. And if you follow these tips, you may find that you’re able to save even more at Target in the course of the new year.

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