This Chatbot Will Negotiate Your Bills For You

This Chatbot Will Negotiate Your Bills For You

If you’ve ever dealt with a long customer service call to help fix your internet or phone service, chances are it was a grueling and unenjoyable experience — and one that sometimes ends with the customer service rep being on the other end of some choice words and a whole lot of anger.


Fortunately, a third-party company named “DoNotPay” might be the solution to your woes (and possibly give those who work in customer service a break from angry consumers). A prototype example of the company’s AI chatbot is going viral on Twitter after the company’s CEO, Joshua Browder, showed the chatbot negotiating a Comcast bill in real-time.

In a screen recording that’s been viewed over 460,000 times, the bot is connected with an Xfinity representative where it begins to talk about issues it’s been having with services, mentioning specific dates and times marking the disruptions.

It then goes on to mention multiple lawsuits that customers have filed against the company and threatens to take legal action should the service issues not be resolved.

“I would like you to negotiate a better rate on my current plan without compromising any services or benefits associated with it,” the bot tells the agent. “Otherwise I will switch providers immediately.”

The conversation continues, with the bot being able to verify pieces of information about the customer such as full name, address, and current plan.

The result? A new plan for $10 per month cheaper which Bowder proudly explained would save the customer up to $120 per year.

The language and syntax of the bot’s speech are definitely, well, robotic, but it got the job done efficiently.

“The AI just exaggerated the Internet outages, similar to how a customer would,” he explained. “The AI is also a bit too polite, replying back to everything. But it was enough to get a discount.”

The bot will be “publicly available soon” and will be able to be used for chat features (like the now-viral video) as well as for writing emails and filling in online forms.

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