Throw away all your Eufy cameras right now
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Throw away all your Eufy cameras right now

What you need to know

  • Eufy has begun removing and changing the wording of its own privacy and security policies from its website.
  • The company has yet to fully address security issues found over two weeks ago.
  • Eufy previously had camera footage privacy breaches in May 2021, further compounding issues with the company’s products.

Over the past month, Eufy has gone from a darling brand of many tech sites and mainstream outlets — including Android Central — to a brand whose trust evaporated nearly overnight. After the events of late November (opens in new tab) and the previous year’s similar issues, Android Central moved to an official “no recommendation” stance (opens in new tab) on Eufy products.

We’re now upgrading that to a warning that Eufy users should remove all Eufy cameras they have set up on their premises. We have a list of the best Eufy camera alternatives (opens in new tab) if you want to replace them with something more reputable, including recommendations for price, local storage, and object detection requirements.

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