Guerrilla Games makes its rumoured Horizon online project official

Guerrilla Games makes its rumoured Horizon online project official

Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West developer Guerrilla Games has confirmed a new co-op-focused online Horizon project is currently in the works at the studio.

Reports of a co-op component for the Horizon series first emerged in 2020, when VGC claimed the studio had initially been looking to implement the feature as part of 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn before ditching it to focus on other areas. Co-op was then said to have been revived for Horizon Forbidden West, potentially as a separate mode, but again didn’t make the final cut.

As confirmed by Guerilla’s recruitment-focused Twitter feed, however, the studio’s co-op dreams are still very much alive, with the company currently hiring for an internally developed “separate online project” in the Horizon universe. This will feature a “new cast of characters and a unique stylised look”, and allow friends to “explore the majestic wilds of Horizon together”.

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Fans of Horizon’s more familiar single-player action will be relieved to hear the studio is also “continuing to create epic solo adventures for Aloy” alongside its online outing, and there’s also talk of hiring for an External Project team.

There’s no hint as to what this latter title may be, but 2022 has seen reports of both a Horizon Zero Dawn remaster for PlayStation 5 and a Horizon MMO, supposedly being developed in partnership with Guild Wars publisher NCsoft.

It’s all go on the Horizon front, then, with the universe getting its next airing in Horizon Call of the Mountain, which launches for PSV2 on 22nd February . And, of course, there’s that Netflix live-action TV adaptation still to come too.

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