‘The White Lotus’ says ‘Arrivederci’ and the Internet goes wild – The Boston Globe

‘The White Lotus’ says ‘Arrivederci’ and the Internet goes wild – The Boston Globe


The finale of season two of HBO’s “The White Lotus” aired Sunday night, and with it came a mountain of online reaction to the twists and turns of the saga of the far-flung cast whose lives and dramas intermingle at a luxury resort in Sicily. Here’s a look at some of the reactions to the ending.

Harper, Ethan, Daphne, and Cameron

The foursome’s drama came to a head on Sunday night and, in a way, finally achieved some resolution.

Goodbye, Tanya

Jennifer Coolidge’s much-loved character, one of the few who carried over from season one, came to an untimely end — but not before asserting herself on a yacht full of bad guys.

Albie and Portia

The lost 20-something duo reunited in the end, after each facing their own difficult wake-up calls. Fans commented not only on their airport reconnection, but also what their characters said about this generation and period of life.

Lucia and Mia

Locals Lucia and Mia — apparently friends in real life — were two of the few characters who met happy endings in the season finale, each hustling the moneyed crowds in their own ways to get a step up.

Emmy Awards?

Fans immediately began rooting for recognition for performances in the show.

Finally, next season?

“The White Lotus” already has plans for a third season, with creator Mike White saying in the finale’s epilogue that the next one could be “a satirical and funny look at death and Eastern religion and spirituality.” White has in the past suggested Asia could be a location for season three — but others suggestions emerged Sunday night.

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