How To Unlock The Chimera (Honey Badger) In MW2 & Warzone… | EarlyGame

How To Unlock The Chimera (Honey Badger) In MW2 & Warzone… | EarlyGame

One of the most popular weapons from CoD: Ghosts has returned to the franchise in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded: the Honey Badger. Well, it’s actually called the Chimera now, but we’re sure you’ll all recognize it as the Honey Badger. Here’s how to unlock the new assault rifle.

Chimera Honeybadger
This is the Chimera, the new AR in Warzone 2 and MW2, and here’s how to unlock it. | © Activision

The Chimera, or Honey Badger, is one of those weapons you can instantly tell is going to be popular. This is because it gets to occupy a very coveted spot within the meta. This is a “flex weapon”, which is basically a hybrid AR / SMG. And these weapons are always fantastic in CoD multiplayer and in Warzone because they give you something that can effectively compete in both mid and close-range. The Kastov-74u is currently proving this point.

Also, the Honey Badger was one of the most popular weapons in all of CoD: Ghosts, so many people will have a lot of nostalgia attached to it. But enough throat-clearing, let’s get to what you care about, how do you unlock the Chimera? In this article we’ll show you how.

How To Unlock The Chimera

We have multiple ways of unlocking the Chimera. We can just buy it from the store, or we can complete the weapon challenge to unlock it.

Buy A Bundle From The Store

The Dark Skies Bundle ($10)

The “Dark Skies” bundle for 1200 CP ($10) contains a blueprint for the Chimera called “Darkcell”. But the rest of the bundle is terrible, so you’re really only buying it for the Chimera.

The Year of the Rabbit Bundle ($20)

The “Year of the Rabbit” bundle for 2400 CP ($20) contains the blueprint “Tokki”, which is the Chimera. You also get this Operator skin with the bundle:

Year of the Rabbit
It’s not a great bundle. | © Activision

Personally, we hate the Operator skin, so we would recommend doing the challenge. But to each their own.

Complete The Chimera Weapon Challenge In MW2 Multiplayer

To unlock the Chimera in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer you need to get 2 kills with an assault rifle in 15 separate matches. You can quit matches after getting 2 kills and the progress will still count. So if you have MW2 this will take no time at all really.

Complete The Chimera Weapon Challenge In DMZ

To unlock the Chimera in MW2’s DMZ you need to extract the weapon from Building 21. Sadly, no-one knows how to get into Building 21. Therefore, if you don’t own MW2 you will need a friend who does own it to drop it for you in the DMZ.

Is The Chimera Worth Unlocking

Yes, the Chimera is worth unlocking for both multiplayer and Warzone because it’s naturally very effective as an AR/SMG hybrid, and also because Activision always buff the latest weapons to make them the meta, and therefore sell bundles. Let us assure you, having kept our eye on the CoD store and the meta for years now, we are absolutely certain that if this weapon isn’t good enough at first it will be buffed. They always, and we mean always, want the mid-season weapons to be popular.

But what should you use alongside the Chimera? Check out our tier-ranking of weapons in MW2 and in Warzone 2 to find out:

And there you have it, your guide to unlocking the Chimera. Enjoy!

Who knows, maybe the Chimera will make it into one of these videos by Season 2…

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