GALAX mistakenly announces GeForce RTX 4090 Ti graphics card –

GALAX mistakenly announces GeForce RTX 4090 Ti graphics card –

No, that’s not RTX 4090 Ti

GALAX official front page boasts the introduction of the RTX 4090 Ti graphics card.

Update: GALAX has now fixed the banner.

Original story: GALAX marketing team needs a rest. The company’s launch of the enthusiast RTX 4090 HOF series was riddled with typos, such as claiming incorrect CUDA core count or even processor model. Turns out the mistakes do not end here. The company is now announcing the RTX 4090 Ti HOF graphics card right on its front page, except such graphics card does not exist.

GALAX announcing RTX 4090 Ti HOF, Source: GALAX

This is obviously a mistake because the banner leads us to the RTX 4090 HOF product page. Yet, it is a funny mistake to make considering we do expect such a card at some point, but definitely not before NVIDIA makes one official.

What this banner does confirm is that the RTX 4090 HOF has now gone global. The international version is not called “OC Lab” and has slightly different packaging. However, spec wise this is the same card as the OC Lab Edition from China.

The RTX 4090 HOF features full custom board design with dual 16-pin power connectors, clock speeds up to 2610 MHz and power limit up to 666W. This is also one of the very few cards to feature full color display, which in this case can be detached from the card.


Source: GALAX via @overclex

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