A Series of Rivers Cuomo Tweets Has Everyone’s Eyebrows Raised

A Series of Rivers Cuomo Tweets Has Everyone’s Eyebrows Raised

Rivers Cuomo, Weezer frontman and fabulous Tweeter, is promoting the new single from the band’s forthcoming SZNZ project. And he’s giving off some major egg vibes while doing it. Either he is, or some uncanny AI creation is tweeting out some very trans sh*t under his aegis.

First, Cuomo penned a tweet about writing a song about “femboy fashion.” To which I said…tell me more.

But perhaps the most interesting tweet in Cuomo’s Twitter AMA session was this one, in which Cuomo (jokingly) refers to taking estrogen.

To which trans folks in the replies took the opportunity to repost images of Cuomo in drag that have been knocking about on the Internet for quite some time. It’s unclear when and why the images were taken, but we know Cuomo allegedly took the photos with his friend Julie Kramer for the single Pink Triangle from 1996’s “Pinkerton.”

There’s also the curious case of the leaked lyrics to Cuomo’s song “You Want To Be a Woman.”

Though it’s possible that we’re dealing with chaser vibes instead of egg vibes here.

In short, who knows. All I know is that nothing can stop me from indulging in my irresponsible personal headcanon surrounding a certain Weezer frontman, especially now.

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