Fantavision 202X announced for PS5 with PS VR2 support – Gematsu

Fantavision 202X announced for PS5 with PS VR2 support – Gematsu

Japanese studio Cosmo Machia has announced action puzzle game Fantavision 202X for PlayStation 5 with PlayStation VR2 support. It will launch digitally on February 22, 2023 worldwide.

Here is an overview of the game, via Cosmo Machia:


Fantavision, initially released on PlayStation 2, will return in 2023 on PlayStation 5!

Very simple rules, and once you get the hang of it, the game is more addictive than you can imagine!

It’s an artistic combination of action, shooting, strategy, and puzzles!

Beautiful Graphics with Full HD and 4K Output Support

First major graphic update in 20 years, with 4K screen for effective presentation of fireworks and night scenes.

Compatible with the New PlayStation VR2

Experience an immersive experience with a virtual reality headset and PlayStation VR2 Sense controller.

Here are some additional details, via PlayStation Blog:

Originally released on the PlayStation 2 in 2000, Fantavision is a puzzle game based on the theme of fireworks. The game returns in an all-new title for PlayStation VR2 powered by the Unreal Engine. The game is an artistic combination of action, shooting, strategy, and puzzles. The PlayStation VR2 headset and PlayStation VR2 Sense controller provides an immersive experience for you to fill the star-studded sky with sparkling fireworks. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, it won’t take long for you to master the controls.

The basic goal of the game is to catch at least three fireworks of the same color and shoot them into the night sky. You can also catch fireworks of different colors at the same time by using Wild Fireworks and shoot them with Daisy Chain, which combines multiple colors, and collect items to start the bonus mode Starmine. In PlayStation VR2, you catch fireworks by aiming at them and pulling the trigger, and shoot them with the Circle button.

In addition to the single-player mode, a replay mode is also available. You can change the camera’s viewpoint for incredible replays, stop time to enjoy the show, add different effects, and more. You can also experience the vibrations of the fireworks through haptic feedback, so you can fully absorb the breathtaking fireworks display.

Watch the announcement trailer below. View the first screenshots at the gallery.

Announce Trailer

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