12U Football Player Jeremiah Johnson Leaves The Internet Shook

12U Football Player Jeremiah Johnson Leaves The Internet Shook

It’s true, everything in Texas is bigger including 12-year-old football player Jeremiah Johnson.

It was a huge weekend for Johnson, who won 12U MVP honors at the Youth National Championships in Miami where he — still efforting to see if that’s a real tat on his right arm — turned heads via a photo where he’s posing with his Most Valuable Player trophy.

“Man I seen him at the New Edition concert last week with his wife. We used to work at Nissan together,” one Facebook observer joked about how Johnson looks like he could pass for a college senior throwing up huge numbers against 12-year-olds.

“I remember him on 10u, he had a mustache then too,” one mom wrote.

She’s not lying. Johnson’s grandmother, Twila Lee, was posting photos of that mustache back in 2021. Now her grandson is about to become an internet sensation as the 12U football player who has the Internet shook.

“He was in my house with my ex-wife in 1979,” one Facebook joker posted early Monday as Johnson’s football accolades started to be passed around social media.

Meanwhile, Johnson’s mom, Shana Evans, has been taking all of this in stride over on Facebook where her own friends can’t believe her baby is 12 and sporting a ‘stache.

“That ain’t no damn baby!!,” one of Shana’s friends said of her growing 12-year-old.

Over on Twitter, it’s the same disbelief.

“That man has a mortgage and 3 kids,” a completely shook man wrote.

“Nah, he was in the league for 12 years, ain’t no damn way,” said another.

It’s not out of the ordinary for some junior high kid to come along and get a scholarship offer from Nick Saban because the boy is 6-foot-4 and 340-pounds in the 8th grade. But the kids this size and this grown don’t tend to look like a grown-up Jeremiah.

Yeah, but can the 12U MVP play?

You make the call.

Here is Jeremiah looking like Bus Bettis on his way to the end zone against a completely overmatched opponent.

How does this translate to the next level — 13U ball — and then to the next level — high school football? Who knows, but what’s clear to the Internet is that Jeremiah will have his mortgage paid off and a loaded 401k by the time he gets to college.

“A 12 yr old with a mustache. Must be a Saban recruit,” a football fan tweeted.

We’ll see. Saban does like to offer to the kids before they’re old enough to see PG-13 movies. Now it’s up to Johnson. How bad does he want that scholarship before gaining new freedoms at the movie theater?

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