Families weigh in on Frontier phone and internet problems

Families weigh in on Frontier phone and internet problems

ST. ALBANS, W.Va. (WSAZ) – Every day we make phone calls and go online without giving it much thought, but families who live on Sewell Circle in St. Albans said they never know what will be working.

Beverly Gikas said in the past three months, they’ve dealt with static on the phone, inconsistent internet service, and times when the phone doesn’t work at all.

“I have had so many problems with Frontier internet and telephone service,” she said. “It’s quite frustrating.”

Since the problems began in September, Beverly has been taking notes of the problems they’ve had, from static to dropping calls, to the times Frontier was supposed to show up but didn’t.

Gikas marked on her calendar that Frontier was supposed to stop by once in November and twice in December, but no one showed up.

She said that one day they did show up, but she never got notified they were coming, so they weren’t home.

“My husband and I are both in our 70s,” she said. “We have medical issues. I have family I need to stay in touch with them. Internet, everything is WiFi now.”

The Gikas aren’t the only ones on Sewell Circle having problems.

Next-door neighbor Denver Cain said they’ve had their own phone problems.

“For the last two or three months, it’s been really bad,” he said. “We’ve always had problems because we lived over here but not like it is now.”

We reached out to Frontier to describe the problems.

We received a text message Friday afternoon telling us they’re working on getting us information, but we haven’t heard back.

However, while at the Gikas, Frontier called telling Beverly that crews will arrive Saturday — earlier than their next scheduled appointment on Dec. 22.

We have asked the Gikas to reach back out to us Saturday once after Frontier arrives.

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