Apache tribe receives $10M grant for broadband internet

Apache tribe receives $10M grant for broadband internet

ANADARKO, Okla. (KSWO) – The Anadarko Apache Tribe has received a grant for nearly $10 million to go toward strengthening the internet in the surrounding areas.

The tribe is excited to give the community more opportunities when it comes to the internet. They applied for the grant, which is provided through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, about eight months ago.

After the pandemic, a lot of businesses adapted to virtual interactions, but for places with little internet access and slow speeds, like Anadarko, it was difficult to make those changes alongside everyone else.

Tribal Administrator Marland Toyekoyah said,” Those types of software take up a lot of bandwidth, so in this area, there’s not an adequate source of bandwidth.”

Changes can now be made to help improve these issues by taking away the largest blockade: cost.

“It’s so expensive to get internet to some of these areas, so providers just completely bypass them. That’s where we’re coming in. We’re coming in to sweep that area they’ve been bypassing and get them some internet,” the Chief Information Officer for CT Technologies, Chris Tracy, said. “The community itself here in Anadarko, and the tribe are going to be able to grow off of this. We’re going to be able to provide a sustainable service into the future.”

Not only will this benefit internet speed in the community, but it will create other opportunities the Apache tribe will take advantage of.

“This also is a business opportunity for the tribe. We’re looking to create a business, we’re looking to create jobs for tribal members,” said Toyekoyah.

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