The Best Warzone 2.0 Chimera (Honey Badger) Loadout | The… | EarlyGame

The Best Warzone 2.0 Chimera (Honey Badger) Loadout | The… | EarlyGame

The Honey Badger from CoD Ghost’s is back, only this time it’s called the Chimera. This is a wonderful SMG/AR hybrid that sits nicely within the Warzone 2 meta. You can find the best attachment setup for the Chimera below.

This is the best Chimera loadout for Warzone. | © Activision

The Chimera, or Honey Badger, was added to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 in Season 1: Reloaded. And it’s awesome. It feels so comfortable to use, and is the perfect short-range AR to go alongside an RPK, RAAL, or even a sniper. Consider this a rival to the Kastov-74u.

Here’s a guide to unlocking the Chimera, and you can find the best attachment setup for the weapon below.

Note: We’re seeing a lot of really terrible builds on Twitter. Please ignore advice telling you to use a heavy barrel and a suppressor. There’s no point building this weapon for range, use it as a close-range SMG-style weapon instead to get the most out of it. If you want a long-range option stop f’ing around and just grab an RPK from the buy.

  • If you’re looking for the meta, the Chimera is probably just about on that level. Here are the other best weapons in Warzone 2.

The Best Attachment Setup For The Chimera In Warzone 2

Chimera Attachments
We couldn’t bring ourselves to remove the default barrel. | © Activision


Unlock Requirements
Attachment Tuning
Laser VLK LZR 7MW STB 556 to Level 5 Default


Slimline Pro Lachmann-762 to Level 13 → Lachmann-556 to Level 12 → Lachmann Sub to Level 11 Default
Rear Grip

Bruen Flash Grip

BAS-P to Level 21 Default

45 Round Mag

M4 to Level 5


Underbarrel FTAC Ripper 56 Lachmann-762 to Level 6 Recoil Stabilization (+0.60 oz) / Aiming Idle Stability (+0.30 in)

We’re using the FTAC Ripper to get a little more hip-fire accuracy and recoil control, but everything else on the weapon is there to keep our mobility and handling competitive The only attachment you might want to replace is the optic. We just don’t love the ironsight on the Chimera, but if you don’t mind it then you could consider dropping the optic for a stock or frangible ammo.

  • If you need to grind some weapons for these attachments, here’s a link to buy Modern Warfare 2.

The Best Loadout For The Chimera: Secondary, Perks & Equipment

Secondary: TAQ-56

This weapon has great ironsights, so you can completely remove the optic if you want. | © Activision / EarlyGame

The TAQ-56 is simply outstanding, and is easily one of the very best weapons in all of Warzone. But it’s far better at mid and long-range than it is at short-range, and this is why it’s perfect to couple with the Chimera.

Perks (Base, Bonus & Ultimate)

We can’t pick our own perks in Warzone 2, we have to pick Perk-Packages, and generally speaking we advise the ones with Ghost in them.

Perk Package Specter Package

Base Perk

Double Time / Tracker

Bonus Perk Spotter
Ultimate Perk


The above package, the Specter, is the better of the two packages with the Ghost perk. This is because it has access to Tracker and Double Time, which are both great for Warzone. Spotter is a bit rubbish, though.

Equipment (Lethal & Tactical)

Here is our favorite choice of equipment to take with the Chimera:

Lethal Semtex


The Chimera will suit naturally fast players, so we’ve coupled it with Stims for those that like to play aggressive and need quick resets. For lethal equipment there are loads of good options, but the Semtex is just easy to use and good against both vehicles and infantry alike.

If you try it out and the Chimera it doesn’t feel like the one, we advise you to pick something from an even higher tier in our complete ranking of all Warzone 2 weapons.

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