New AI technology at SoFi Stadium, YouTube Theater detects weapons

New AI technology at SoFi Stadium, YouTube Theater detects weapons

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) — The fan experience at SoFi Stadium may have gotten a little bit better with the addition of some new AI weapons detection technology.

“We wanted the guest experience and the fan journey here to be one that is next level,” said Otto Benedict, the senior vice president of facility and campus operation at Hollywood Park and SoFi Stadium. “This type of technology offers us that for our guests.”

The Evolv AI technology was installed at both YouTube Theatre and SoFi Stadium in August 2022. Using sensors and analytics, touchless scanners can detect weapons and identify where the object is on a person.

“We keep weapons out and let people go right into the game,” said Peter George, the president and CEO of Evolv Technology. “We make lines go away in big stadiums in places where people are gathering so that we can create safe zones for fans and visitors and students in whatever venue they want to be at.”

There are 26 Evolv systems in place at Hollywood Park between SoFi Stadium and YouTube Theatre, and already over two million staff, visitors and guests have walked through them. Representatives said the technology is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

“It’s a frictionless more efficient manner of getting our guests screened and into the building, and it requires them to do nothing other than walk through the system,” said Benedict. “Nothing comes out of their pockets. Nothing needs to change. So, it becomes a much more enjoyable experience coming in, and it eliminates the dwell time that we see outside of our gates as guests are coming in.”

Evolv Technology has been in place at Hollywood park for 65 events. Reps for the tech company said it has stopped more than 100,000 weapons from entering places like hospitals, stadiums, and schools.

“All places where people want to gather and create safe zones, that’s what we’re doing and how couldn’t you be passionate about that?,” said George.

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