Watch This Ford GT Hit an Incredible 310 MPH in the Standing Mile

Watch This Ford GT Hit an Incredible 310 MPH in the Standing Mile

The second-generation Ford GT is one of the most versatile cars on the planet. It was designed to take corners, but thanks to its excellent engine and bulletproof drivetrain, it makes for an incredible runway racer as well. This one’s just eclipsed 310 mph in the standing mile, making it the fastest street-legal car in the category, ever.

The car, nicknamed the BADD GT, is owned and driven by Johnny Bohmer of the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds, a runway racing event-holding company that uses the launch and landing facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This latest run, unsurprisingly, took place in the same location.

The GT in question is heavily modified, of course, and no longer uses a supercharger but two turbos instead. Makes roughly 2700 hp, and currently holds the Guiness world record for fastest street-legal standing mile car at 283.2 mph. That record was set back in 2012, however, and since then the car’s gone 292 mph and now, 310.8 mph.

The run itself looks fairly uneventful save for the very end, when Bohmer jumps on the brakes. The car shifts its weight around, and Bohmer isn’t able to slow the car down in time before reaching the end of the runway, despite also deploying a parachute. It doesn’t seem like any damage was done to the car, however.

Bohmer said back in 2017 his goal was to reach 315 mph in the BADD GT. After completing this 310-mph run, he still thinks there’s more potential in the car. So we think he’s well on his way to an even faster run.

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