Don’t go into this weekend’s Street Fighter 6 beta without knowing these 3 things

Don’t go into this weekend’s Street Fighter 6 beta without knowing these 3 things

This coming weekend’s second Street Fighter 6 beta is still a closed test, but will be welcoming many more players from around the globe to participate as everyone from the first beta has been invited to return on top of a second lottery’s worth of newcomers.

DreamKing and I were fortunate enough to participate in the first beta, and learned some gameplay tips while doing so that we’ll most definitely be utilizing and expanding on this second time around. We discuss three important facets of basic SF6 gameplay in the new Talk and Block video embedded below, and you’ll be glad to know them before jumping into this weekend’s action.

The first tip has to do with the importance of Drive Rush combos, which are emerging as an increasingly integral part of the experience. Many legacy players have likened the Drive Rush mechanic to Street Fighter 4’s Focus Attack Dash Cancel (FADC) maneuver, and while there are most definitely similarities, perhaps the most significant part of Drive Rush comes after you use it.

DreamKing and I discuss the four frame buff Drive Rush gives to the normal attacks following its use, as well as the fact that you gain additional juggle properties from DR.

Understanding just how useful this is not only for continuing combos, but also putting pressure on your opponents in attempts to open them up, will give you a massive leg up on any competition that hasn’t examined DR to this degree.

We also talk about the way scaling seems to work (and the admittedly weird decisions developers have made in its current implementation) as well as the general flow of footsies in Street Fighter 6.

Give the video a watch (or just a listen) via the embed below, and if you enjoy what you hear and/or learn something you didn’t know, please consider liking, commenting, and subscribing over on our YouTube Channel.


00:00 – Grounded Drive Rush Combos

04:26 – Scaling seems weird?

11:58 – Footsie flow

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