Phenom releases his final Street Fighter 5 tier list

Phenom releases his final Street Fighter 5 tier list

Street Fighter 6 isn’t seeing an official launch until June of next year, but while we wait for the next big Capcom fighting game to drop, many players are putting their closing thoughts on the current fighting title from the legendary game developer, Street Fighter 5.

00|Phenom continues to be an active SF5 player, competing in events and consistently streaming the game on Twitch. The highly skilled and accomplished competitor has put together his final Street Fighter 5 tier list ranking everyone by strength (or lack thereof) in this final version of the game.

Phenom organizes his tier list into seven letter grade categories. We see S rank, A+, A, B+, B, C, and D, and Phenom notes that the only character who is placed in order is Dhalsim.

Jumping right into it, Phenom feels that Dhalsim is the number 1 character in the entire game. While the stretchy yoga fighter has proven tough to master in this game (and in previous Street Fighter titles), it seems his strength cannot be denied as several top players feel this character is at the top of the tier list.

Dhalsim sits as the top character in S rank, and joining him in this category we have other powerful contenders such as Luke, Poison, Ed, Cody, and Chun-Li. As mentioned previously, none of the rest of the fighters are in a particular order, but all of the aforementioned are considered the top of the heap here in Street Fighter 5, according to Phenom.

As far as the worst in the game goes, we see Zangief takes that spot by being the only character in the lowest category (D rank). Above him as a standalone in C rank is fellow big body Abigail, and considering that the category just above that also has Birdie and E. Honda in it, it looks as though Phenom feels the big grappler/brawler-type characters aren’t doing to well in the final version of the game.

Check out Phenom’s final Street Fighter 5 tier list below, and let us know if you agree with it in the comments.

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