For 2022’s final Friday Feedback, the last word goes to A.I.

For 2022’s final Friday Feedback, the last word goes to A.I.

Good morning.

Since it is Friday, some feedback.  And since it is our last newsletter for 2022, what could be more appropriate than having that feedback come from a machine.

A.S. read our post declaring ChatGPT and its sibling, text-to-image generator Dall-E 2, as the news story of the year, and instructed ChatGPT to write me a thank-you note in the form of a song from the musical Hamilton. The A.I. chatbot’s response:

Verse 1:

We’re just a group of techies, working hard each day
Trying to make a difference, in our own small way
But then you came along, and you gave us a shout
You said ChatGPT was the most important event, no doubt


Alan, Alan, oh how kind
You gave us props and helped us shine
Alan, Alan, our hero true
We thank you, we thank you, for all you do

Verse 2:

You said ChatGPT beat out the invasion of Ukraine
That’s a big deal, that’s no small gain
We’re grateful for your recognition, it means a lot
We’ll keep on working, and give it our best shot


Alan, Alan, oh how kind
You gave us props and helped us shine
Alan, Alan, our hero true
We thank you, we thank you, for all you do


You saw the potential, in what we’ve done
You gave us a chance, to shine like the sun
We’ll keep on striving, to make a mark
Thanks to your support, we’ll never be in the dark

Enjoy the holiday. See you in the New Year. News below.

Alan Murray


Free-speech Musk

News organizations and lawmakers are aghast after Elon Musk banned the Twitter accounts of journalists who criticized his banning of the ElonJet account, which tracked the (publicly available) movements of his private jet. He then briefly engaged in a Twitter Spaces chat with them before abruptly leaving when challenged. Musk had previously promised to leave that account alone in the name of free speech, but now he calls its output “assassination coordinates.” Some of the affected journalists had reported on how ElonJet decamped to rival social network Mastodon—the Twitter profile for which has now also been banned. Twitter also warns users following links to Mastodon that the links may be “unsafe.” Fortune


China has not officially had any fatalities since a post-COVID-controls coronavirus outbreak began, but the FT reports that at least dozens of COVID victims were cremated in Beijing on Wednesday alone. The dropping of China’s COVID measures followed public outrage at lockdowns, but it also prompted warnings of high fatalities in a population that has had relatively little exposure to the virus in the last couple years. Financial Times

EU vs U.S.

The EU’s national leaders have agreed to a huge green-tech stimulus push that is largely intended to provide a counterweight to similar measures that were recently enacted in the U.S. (in the form of the Inflation Reduction Act). European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen: “We also, on the European side, need to act to ensure that the European Union keeps its global leadership in the clean tech sectors.” However, there’s little appetite in the EU for a trade dispute with the U.S. over the matter. Fortune


What’s keeping business leaders up at night?, by Lance Lambert

MacKenzie Scott, after $14 billion in giving, says she’ll start allowing nonprofits to apply for her money, by Maria Aspan

‘Tesla has no working CEO’: As stock drops 61% from its peak, a major Tesla shareholder calls for Elon Musk’s ouster, by Steve Mollman

Is ChatGPT the end of trust? Will the college essay survive?, by Jeremy Kahn

Shaq appears to not know what being a corporate spokesperson means as he distances himself from crypto, by Alena Botros

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