Guilty Gear Strive showcases incoming balance and mechanics changes in new special clips

Guilty Gear Strive showcases incoming balance and mechanics changes in new special clips

Guilty Gear Strive is about to get one of its largest updates to date tomorrow, December 15, which is bringing in a lot more than just the new crossplay feature.

Arc System Works has been releasing a bunch of short guide videos showcasing some of the character balance and mechanics changes arriving in patch Version 1.24.

One of the more interesting mechanical adjustments made by the developers is to help defenders out a bit by making the R.I.S.C. Level deplete faster, and once full, the attacker will stop gaining Tension Gauge.

On paper, Ky’s added Guard Crush effect from Sacred Edge during Shock State and Dragon Install sounds like a nice little buff to keep his pressure going, but we’ll have to see if it makes a notable impact when the update comes out.

Axl is getting some good improvements to his combo / pressure routes by allowing him to cancel certain buttons on recovery, and he can now use Winter Mantis as part of a string.

ArcSys is making Chipp’s guessing game a bit more dangerous by allowing his Senshuu kick to combo off of Rokusai on crouching opponents.

Potemkin can draw the opponent in with his Heat Knuckle when blocked to give him some better pressure options too.

Faust received a number of significant buffs, but ArcSys focuses on Scarecrow’s smaller hurtbx to show how his own items are less likely to hit him now.

Millia’s got better mixups with Turbo Fall now always able to cross up, even in the corner.

It seems the developers felt Zato-1 had a bit too hard of a time getting things done without Eddie, so they gave him a new knockdown option by himself.

Although Ramlethal did receive some nerfs to her damage output, they did buff her crouching Heavy Slash by increasing its range for better launch combos at closer distances.

This is only still scratching the surface on all that’s being reworked in the new Guilty Gear update, so check out the full patch notes if you haven’t already.

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