8 Christmas Storage Tips, According to the Internet
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8 Christmas Storage Tips, According to the Internet

There are plenty of options for storing delicate ornaments. “There’s a reason your crystal ornament came in a luxurious velvet box—it’s meant to be kept,” says Jeanna Crawford of Jeanna Loves Christmas in Los Angeles. “Whenever possible, reserve an heirloom-quality ornament’s original packaging.” If the original box is lost, no worries. Crawford stores her breakable ornaments in loosely wrapped newsprint, filling any empty space in the container with crunched-up balls of paper. The point is to inhibit movement. “You can get 32-by-22-inch sheets of plain newsprint at any packing store or online,” she says. “I create a base layer so that no ornament is sitting directly on the bottom of the box.” As far as storage boxes go, according to Meredith Goforth, principal home stylist at House of Prim in Westport, Connecticut, “Clear storage bins that will protect fragile items are always the best idea,” she says. The boxes she chooses come with built-in levels and dividers, but she remembers to label each box to help with overall organization.

For a more DIY ornament storage approach, line up plastic cocktail cups and gently plop a small ornament within. If you’re using a large bin, you can separate the rows with pieces of cardboard (save those gift boxes). Egg cartons are perfect to keep wee ornaments secure. Plastic clamshell containers, such as those used at salad bars, can house larger breakables. Wrap each item in tissue paper and gently clamp the container to keep it from popping open. For oddly shaped holiday decor, employ empty cardboard beer carriers and wine boxes (Trader Joe’s gives these away).

Lights and garlands

Dumping string lights into a box is asking for trouble.

Ignore your inner Clark Griswold and learn to pack away lights properly. Here, the container is all-important. Store lights in plastic or fabric containers, says Shannon Krause, chief operating organizer at Tidy Nest in New York. “We don’t like using cardboard boxes to store lights, as it’s easier for critters to get in and chew the wires. You can, however, wrap the lights around a piece of cardboard, before storing. Look for bins specific for lights with wrap organizers, or get light storage holders. 

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