The Truth Behind Internet Star Hasbulla’s Car Collection
Hasbulla with Mercedes G Wagon S-Class 2022

The Truth Behind Internet Star Hasbulla’s Car Collection

The demands of being a social media star can amount to quite a tall order. But viral sensation Hasbulla Magomedov doesn’t fall short, despite the obvious. The influencer, and recently-signed UFC cornerman, is though to suffer from achondroplasia. It’s a type of growth hormone deficiency, that if untreated at a young age, leads to dwarfism. Despite his appearance, Hasbulla is 19 years old!

Interestingly, another celebrity was diagnosed with a similar deficiency — Lionel Messi — but fortunately for him, and the world of football, it was treated in time. Like the football star though, it would appear at first glance that Hasbulla has quite the car collection. Part of a lavish lifestyle that includes designer clothes, expensive watches, and private jets, Hasbulla loves his fast cars, from Lamborghini to BMW. He’s said to especially love drifting and tuning cars, even if he can’t always reach the pedals and steering wheel at the same time. While he is of legal age to drive, a somewhat difficult task given he stands tall at 3 feet 3 inches, he’s most famous for his reactions to fast cars from the passenger seat.

Hasbulla’s ‘Mini Khabib’ nickname stems from his close relationship from Khabib Normagomedov, a former world-class MMA fighter from Dagestan, the same region in Russia that Hasbulla comes from.

While many thought his fame would be short-lived, the Mini Khabib has grown his Instagram followers to over five million since he exploded on the internet last year. Hasbulla’s infectious laugh, toddler’s smile and antics take care of that.

While he’s certainly living his life to the fullest, here’s the truth behind Hasbulla’s car collection, contrary to what social media would like you to believe.

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Hasbulla with Lamborghini Huracan and AMG, and Lada Riva
via hasbulla.hushetskiy/Instagram

While Hasbulla’s social media feeds are filled with imagery of a jet-setting lifestyle, the truth may be more down-to-earth. Most of the exotic cars he poses with appear to be cars the star comes across on his travels, or belong to friends and acquaintances. Many of whom are quite obviously wealthy and famous individuals. It isn’t clear which of these cars the tiny star may actually own, but owning any of them is unlikely at this stage in his career. It is possible that Hasbulla does own a restored Lada Riva, which often shows up in his TikTok videos and on his Instagram feed.

That said, as part of his UFC contract, Hasbulla does travel often, and in high company. It seems that whatever social media agency is handling him is doing a great job to fuel the image of a lavish lifestyle, with expensive hotels, private jets, exotic car airport pickup services and more. While it certainly would be cooler to drive the said exotic car himself, Hasbulla’s height prevents him from doing much more than dropping rev bombs when the car is parked. But that doesn’t always stop him.

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Can Hasbulla Drive A Car Himself?

Hasbulla can indeed drive himself! No, we’re not talking about the videos where Hasbulla can be seen steering a moving car. He’s clearly standing on someone’s lap in those. But he has been filmed riding ATVs over the sand dunes in Dubai, and driving miniature cars powered by engines on the streets of Russia.

He’s even been filmed doing donuts in a Lada Riva/Classic multiple times, which might be his own car or owned by someone in his family. And there doesn’t look to be any camera trickery involved in his driving either. Unlike in some instances where clearly someone else was driving and then handed over the wheel to Hasbulla for the camera’s filming, as the car came to a standstill. Of course, the car Hasbulla was driving was an automatic, for those wondering.

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Hasbulla’s Net Worth Will Surprise You

Not much is known of the tiny influencer’s life prior to going viral in 2021. But the UFC contract he signed in 2022 has definitely boosted Hasbulla’s not insignificant net worth, which is estimated to be around $100,000. For any teenager, that’s a pretty big deal.

More than his monetary value, this teen seems to have fans even within the upper ranks in the sport of fighting. Wherever he goes, he has scores of people excited to get a glimpse of Mini Khabib. He even has famous UFC fighters lining up to get a picture with him. Which just goes to show that his appeal is in no way proportional to his size.

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