‘Exchange of views’ between old lady and little penguin in parking space wins over internet, watch
'Exchange of views' between old lady and little penguin in parking space wins over internet, watch

‘Exchange of views’ between old lady and little penguin in parking space wins over internet, watch

Nowadays, penguins have become quite trendy among social media users owing to their adorable activities and hilarious antics. Though they are usually known to inhabit colder regions, far away from human civilisation, these Southern Hemisphere-based creatures are found to be quite interactive whenever they encounter any human being. Now, a video of a cute little penguin having a chit-chat with an old woman has gained traction across the internet world. The video was recorded somewhere in France and was dropped on Twitter by a user named Gabriele Corno.

The new viral video opens with an aged lady strolling slowly through the parking area. In an unexpected occurrence, when the lady reached an empty slot, the tiny penguin approached to meet her. However, she did not look startled having the unpredictable guest and welcomed the flightless bird cordially.

As heard in the clip, the woman went on to exchange some words with the penguin in her native language, French. In response, the short-legged buddy paid full attention and listened to everything quite sincerely. Translating those into English, the lady said, “Oh, you’re so lovely and I love you. You are my best friend. I adore you a lot. Let me kiss you. You are amazing. Around here, I like you the most.”

Although, the penguin seemed interested a lot in the red umbrella that the lady was carrying in her hands. When she was about to leave the place, the bird followed her and pointed its bill at the parasol. Then the lady asked, “What do you want from my umbrella? Are you going to be here again tomorrow?” and bid adieu to the short-lived friendship.

The caption of the post read, “Exchange of views in a parking lot.” The sweet meet-up undoubtedly delighted the viewers. The comment section saw a number of users speculating the reason behind the penguin’s curiosity for the umbrella.

A person said, “This is adorable but I also believe the bird just thinks her umbrella is a fine-looking penguin.”

Another user could not imagine how the penguin went to the European parking lot but found it “very sweet.”

An individual agreed, “Worried why a penguin is in a parking lot in the first place. Seems to be looking for food. Something’s not right here.”

A viewer joked saying, “I hope she doesn’t go home and tell the family she’s been talking to a penguin, they might put her in a home.”

Here are some other reactions:

Since being surfaced on the internet, the one-minute clip has already earned more than 3 million views so far. Additionally, it has accumulated over 63,000 likes on the microblogging site.


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