Daughter gets her 50-year-old mother remarried, internet applauds for her. Watch

Daughter gets her 50-year-old mother remarried, internet applauds for her. Watch

Weddings are always special to attend. Until now, you all have seen parents getting their kids married and doing the preparations. However, in a recent story that has taken social media by storm, a young woman helped her 50-year-old mother to get remarried. Yes, you read that right.

According to Aaj Tak, the woman’s husband died when she was just 25 years old. Her husband was a famous doctor in Shillong and died due to a sudden brain hemorrhage. After that, she lived a long life alone. However, her daughter- Deb Arti Ria Chakravorty, always persuaded her mother to get married again. And at the age of 50, she got her mother married. In conversation with Aaj Tak, Chakravorty told them, “Now my mother is very happy and enjoys it a lot.”

Chakravorty even shared a reel on her Instagram where she revealed the wedding preparations. In the wholesome clip, you can see the mother-daughter duo doing wedding shopping, unwrapping gifts, getting mehndi, and so much more. Chakravorty even added a glimpse of the wedding and shared a few photos.

Take a look at the heartening post here:

This reel was shared a few months back. Since being shared, it has been liked close to 1000 times and has several comments.

One person in the Instagram comments said, “God bless the bride. You are the most incredible daughter. ” A second person added, “Deb, you are such a beautiful amazing daughter. I wish all daughters were like you. May Maa Durga always bless you.” “A very happy new life to the newlyweds. May God bless you,” said a third person.

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