New AI technology could help identify gunman before they can kill

New AI technology could help identify gunman before they can kill

Wednesday is the tenth anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that saw 20 young children killed by an angry gunman, who also killed his teacher mother and five other staff members.

There is a great deal of pressure on school administrators and police to make innovations to security amid the increasing rash of mass shootings that occur in spaces that are supposed to be safe. 

New Artificial Intelligence technology is getting in position to help, see how.


Only one percent of the 17 million security cameras are actively monitored in the U.S. New technology, trained to recognize the presence of a gun on surveillance footage, may be a unique solution for stopping armed gunman.

Once a gun is identified by the monitoring program, information can be sent to the police and staff immediately. Emergency services personnel and staff can be immediately informed of the location of a potential active shooter by the monitoring program.

The minutes and seconds saved by such an alert could make all the difference to anyone in the potential path of a gunman.

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