Changing Market Trends Due To Adoption of Cloud Computing In Turkey
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Changing Market Trends Due To Adoption of Cloud Computing In Turkey

Turkey Cloud Computing Market – By Deployment Mode

Depending on deployment mode, The Turkish cloud computing trends is divided into three categories: Private, Public, and Hybrid. Throughout the forecast period, the hybrid cloud category is anticipated to contribute more to the expansion of the cloud computing market. Businesses are implementing hybrid clouds due to the increased user and resource mobility, increasing application migration to the cloud, and the emergence of more sophisticated threats. The hybrid deployment strategy is used by the government, BFSI, and healthcare industries because these sectors place a high value on customer satisfaction, security, and compliance. Leading cloud service providers are focusing on growing their market share in the hybrid cloud space. All these elements contribute to the market for cloud computing in Turkey expanding at a faster rate than anticipated.

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Turkey Cloud Computing Market – By End User

Based on end users, Turkey’s Cloud Computing Industry is divided into five categories: IT and telecom, retail and consumer goods, BFSI, healthcare, and others. Among these, BFSI has a monopoly on the market. Banks have implemented digital transformation due to the rapid increase in online banking activity in the BFSI sector with cloud computing playing a major role in this approach. In the BFSI sector, cloud computing has helped organizations in cutting expenses, promoting innovation, improving client connections, and increasing flexibility. People no longer communicate and conduct business in the same way as before the COVID-19 pandemic. The growth can be ascribed to the adoption of cloud services for managing and storing customer data. Among other services, Payment gateways, online fund transfers, digital wallets, and unified customer experiences, might play a big role in the BFSI sector and promote the general trend of cloud deployment.

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