T-Mobile’s Latest 5G Home Internet Bundle Cuts the Price to $25 Per Month

T-Mobile’s Latest 5G Home Internet Bundle Cuts the Price to $25 Per Month

T-Mobile is getting more aggressive with its Home Internet offers. On Dec. 8 the carrier began offering a “very limited time” deal through which existing T-Mobile users can add its 5G Home Internet service for $25 per month, the carrier has confirmed to CNET. The deal will be available to all T-Mobile customers with at least one voice line, so long as they don’t already have, or haven’t recently had, Home Internet service. 

In May T-Mobile introduced a bundle of its Home Internet offering and premium Magenta Max plan that, when combined, would lower the Home Internet price from $50 per month to $30 per month so long as you had at least two voice lines. This new deal not only does not require Magenta Max or two voice lines, but would also be even cheaper at $25 per month.

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T-Mobile's website touting its 5G Home Internet for $25 Deal

T-Mobile is offering a deal on its 5G Home Internet that drops the price to $25 per month. 

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As with T-Mobile’s existing Home Internet service, those who sign up for the $25 rate won’t be beholden to data caps, contracts or additional taxes or fees. That $25 price would also fall under T-Mobile’s “Price Lock” promise which protects against rate hikes. 

If you are stuck in a contract with a different internet provider, T-Mobile is willing to give you up to $750 in early termination fees to help you cover the costs of switching to them, up from the carrier’s previous offer of “up to $500.” The carrier offers a “Test Drive” for the Home Internet service that lets you try it out for 15 days and if you are not happy with it, get your money back. 

Existing T-Mobile Home Internet customers, including those on the Magenta Max bundle, are not eligible for this deal. Those looking to take advantage of the offer also would need to have not had T-Mobile Home Internet for at least 30 days. 

Those interested in T-Mobile Home Internet can enter their address at the carrier’s website to see if it is available in your area. 

After earlier telling CNET that multiple lines on an account could sign up for the offer — such as a family plan where not everyone still lives together — the carrier said on Wednesday that the deal will be limited to one Home Internet line per account. 

The new deal is the latest play by the carrier to build on its Home Internet business. T-Mobile has made the service a focal point of its 2022 offerings, including a Super Bowl ad in February and an expansion to 40 million households in September. The moves appear to have been working, as the carrier revealed in October that it added around half a million Home Internet customers in its most recent quarter. 

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