Qualcomm and Michelle Yeoh Flex the Infinite Possibility of AI

Qualcomm and Michelle Yeoh Flex the Infinite Possibility of AI

When it comes to the multiverse, everyone from big-name superheroes like Spider-Man to the cast of Riverdale have been getting in on the action as of late. Though options are rife, the best guide for navigating the complexities of infinite realities may very well be the unlikely hero at the heart of A24’s Everything Everywhere All At Once, portrayed by Michelle Yeoh.

In a global b-to-b brand campaign titled “The Edge of Possible,” tech company Qualcomm taps into Yeoh’s star power to inform consumers and business moguls alike of the brand’s role in powering AI. Taking to heart Yeoh’s recent expertise in the realm of traveling through unimagined worlds, the launch features a six-minute film full of metatextual references to Yeoh’s sprawling career.

The film features Yeoh walking us through some of the innovations that Qualcomm has become known for. “We live at the edge of possible, surrounded by innovations that can reshape our world in the blink of an eye,” Yeoh narrates as the film begins, showing gorgeous scenery and effects. She explains that AI advancements to daily devices like phones, laptops, cars and more can change our lives. Yeoh goes on to express how AI is making things more personalized, granting easier access to once undreamed-of tech, creating a more sustainable world, and even helping prevent car accidents.

No stranger to the possibilities of the multiverse

Genre and international film fans have long recognized Yeoh for her significant contributions, from action films like Supercop in the early ’90s and global powerhouses like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, to starring roles in fan-favorite TV series like Star Trek: Discovery.

Still, there is no understating the incredible boost the recent Everything Everywhere All At Once has granted Yeoh’s star power as her role as the harried Evelyn, finding herself suddenly capable of reality hopping and tasked with saving the world and repairing her fractured relationship with her daughter.

Meanwhile, Qualcomm has been around since the mid-80s, with a history of working in advancements in wireless technology and manufacturing. Qualcomm’s website features more in-depth explanations of the specific goals of the brand, but this short film ends instead with a question: “With all these possibilities,” Yeoh wonders, “where will Qualcomm take you?” as the ad wraps with the brand tagline, “Leading on-device AI.”

You can view “The Edge of Possible” on Qualcomm’s official YouTube page.

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