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5 Most Effective Customer Education Techniques You Can Use in 2023

  #1 – Use social media platforms to keep your customers informed. According to World of Statistics, 23% of businesses use social media to collect and analyze customer data. Companies can identify customer trends and preferences through social media posts, which can help you tailor your product offerings and service delivery …

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5 Forces that Will Shape Finance in 2023

  2023 will be an interesting year as it precedes 2024. Although that sounds obvious, 2024 will see a new European Parliament and Commission and, in all likelihood, a general election in the UK (not to mention a Presidential election in the US). In Brussels, there will be a focus …

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“There were some WTFs flying”: Collector shocked after US customs shreds Pokemon Yellow copy he spent thousands on


A sealed and near-flawless boxed copy of Pokemon Yellow was recently reported to have been totally obliterated by US customs, and the collector who paid several thousand dollars for the game is understandably upset by the “senseless damage.”  Last week, we wrote about the destruction of a collectible version of …

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